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Welcome to the Italian Klinzha Society web site.
In the 2000 the IKS story begins. A fan group of science fiction, drawing on a book written by John M. Ford "The Final Reflection", starts to work out the personal version of the play rules on triangle chessboard that 
it calls Klin-Zha.

In the may of 2000, after two years of researches and rules improvement, the Italian Klinzha Society originates like cultural association. Its aim is to advertise and advance the science fiction culture in all its own shapes: recreational, bibliografical and what concerns movies.
The Italian Klinzha Society attends to : county fairs, holds conferences, meetings that concern the topics above mentioned. The main activity of the association is the practise and the diffusion of the Klin-Zha, a board game inspired by the fantastic culture of Klingon, an alien population of a tv series called Star Trek. The game, that is like chess but is easier and faster than it for what concerns the rules and the way to play, allows to put to test the own abilities of strategist and leader. The two players like commandants of fleet challenge each other, to beat the game they have to win the banner of the challenger.

In the course of the year we present a range of tournaments mainly

during thematic fairs. We have a staff of programmer

and so we give the chance to play at

Klinzha On-Line by means of internet.

For further information contact us: info@klinzha.it


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