Ep1 The Rescuers

Ep2 A Bad Stair Day

Ep3 Take Your Partners

Ep4 Here and There

Ep5 Well Done

Ep6 Gone Fishin'

Ep7 Say-Sorry Island

Ep8 King for a Half Day

Ep9 Who's in Charge Here?

Ep10 Oh Lucky Day

Ep11 Good Old Blip

Ep12 Spring Clean

Ep13 The Play's the Thing

Ep14 The Ghost Train

Ep15 What a Performance

Ep16 Why Not Me?

Ep17 An Open Book

Ep18 Beyond Grzzlland

Ep19 The Candidate

Ep20 Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Ep21 Break Down

Ep22 A Gift for Gretchen

Ep23 A Legend in His Own Time

Ep24 Future Shock

Ep25 Divide and Conquer

Ep26 Spot of Bother

Ep27 Real Danger

Ep28 Changing Rooms

Ep29 Getting Ahead

Ep30 Smoke Like It Royal

Ep31 Laundry Day

Ep32 A Class Act

Ep33 Toothless Jaws

Ep34 Summer Camp

Ep35 Music Matters

Ep36 The Visit

Ep37 Royal on the Run

Ep38 The Trial

Ep39 The Moaners

Ep40 What a Dog

Ep41 Crazy Daisy

Ep42 That's My Boy

Ep43 The Dynamite Kid

Ep44 Wise Guy

Ep45 Holding the Baby

Ep46 Laugh Till You Drop

Ep47 2004 How Lucky

Ep48 Surprise Party

Ep49 What Goes Up

Ep50 It's Just a Game

Ep51 Hey! Look at Me!

Ep52 Day at the Races

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